Friday, September 24, 2010


My hands have been dancing with many vintage pieces that I collected up over the weekend; my eyes were thrilled to spot many military pieces including medals, bullets/bullet pens and chevrons from the Army and Air Force, more to come soon on those. Silly sidenote: I was in the grocery store yesterday and you know how I love war documentaries and films, I saw this movie off the $3 shelf, called Straight Into Darkness with this cheesy cover with WWII soldiers with skull faces, anyone ever seen it? I think I might netflix it.

I've secretly been creating and stocking up like a squirrel for winter, for a sweet surprise in early October.


~ 1) Secret Pill Box Necklace: helps relieves headaches and is the perfect accessory; hide your keys, change or any miniature relic inside.

~ 2) NEW WAR ENSEMBLE WWII Sterling USN Anchor Necklace: wear this memorial necklace as a relic of the freedom of the seas and the sailors of the sea.

~ 3) Broken Monarch Wing Specimen Necklace: a relic of the once living is truly scientific and quite fantastic. More Specimen necklaces coming soon.

~ 4) Be Pretty Tied Up in this Leather Bow Necklace with tiny heart locket for miniature keepsakes.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Halloween Arrivals

We are all gearing up for the bestest holiday ever, HALLOWEENY! I am a October baby, the 30th actually so anything dark, dreary and spooky I'm all about. It's been a while since I've announced pieces on the blog so I thought I'd share some Halloween inspired jewelry.

~1) Sacrifice Long Dagger Golden Earrings, tiny weapons of tragedy made to make a statement. Shorter Miniature Dagger Earrings also available.

~ 2) The Vampire Lestat Blood Red Drops are back and ready to be matched with the palest skin.

~ 3) Glowing Jack O Lanterns burning bright welcome All Hallows Eve.

~ 4) Of ghosts and murders, Lizzy Borden Axe Earrings are the evidence in the hatchet murders of 1892.

~ 5) Season creepings with a welcome of the Harvest Moon. A Handmade Leather Black Bat Necklace is simple and soft against the skin, bringing a dark flutter of the spookiest time of year.

~ 6) Vampires have been a fascination during my years as a goth chick and now into my womanhood, I still imagine being kissed by one. Perhaps these Nosferatu Fangs will be a little more endearing, made with mother of pearl and vintage Venetian glass beads.

~ 7) Frozen in time, is the Dracula Reliquary, displaying my favorite dark quote from the film and tiny relics all under a glass dome.

~ 8) The Phantom Amulet Coffin Necklace is truly a marvelous darkened dream, this gothic ensemble was inspired by the cult classic Monster Squad.

SOON TO COME: web chained necklaces and RH13 photos from the Brandywine Festival of the Arts!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From the World of Aëla Labbé

The scenes portrayed by French freelancer photographer Aëla Labbé bring forth a world of fairy tales filled with magic and undying beauty. The mystery and mood of every photo is breath taking, invoking a sense of wanting to see more of each world in its entirety!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Human Nature

The once frozen animals and forestry displays have come alive by Debbie Carlos, whose Human Nature series expand the life of once dead animals in the Chicago's Field Museum. By using wondrous gloomy and desaturated colors a sense of romanticism emerges through the fogged forest. One print I love in particular is of the two owls in the dark, it is almost a cry out about human destruction.

Her etsy shop features many prints and even large size format posters both from all her series!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vanitas: The Work of Rachelle Soucy

Today I discovered the work of Rachelle Soucy, whose unconventional works take a new twist on the Vanitas theme. She recently was interviewed on The Daily Undertaker blog, please check it out along with more of her work.

For more of Rachelle Soucy's work, please visit her flickr page.

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