Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Weekend In Pics

Walking past fields was very calming.

Sparklers bringing me to my younger years.
It was a scorcher Saturday, thank heavens for D&D. 
The love of my life.

Bellevue State Park, the waters reminded me of the south.

On the Brandywine tubing with friends.

Photo shoot of new jewelry, ME very excited.


Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 Projects Complete

Hello Friends!!! I'm back. The beginning of 2012 until now has been crazy, been doing freelance design project along with my full time design job at Caspari McCormick. I went to Mexico which was super fun, there were eight of us celebrating turning 30. My husband's band BlackHand just had the release of their first album "And the Devil Rode Forth" which I design the artwork and logo of course, I'm also working on two new shirts which should be out soon. You can download the their album HERE.

June wrapped up a two year project with tattoo artists Jason Goldberg and Jay Cooper. The book "Return Me to Water" was finally printed and looks killer. I collaborated with them and designed the 100 page sea monster related book with their paintings, flash art, photographs and writings. The book turned out super awesome and was printed in the USA by Signature Book Printing. You can purchase a copy of the book HERE.

I have also been working on myself! Since January I've lost 30lbs and 22inches. My portfolio website in the works, building myself which is taking some time but will be cool once finished. VISIT my site leilamarvel.com

2012 is continuing to be a pretty sweet year, can't wait to share more. I've missed you all.
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