Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall For These Looks

These are some of my most adored autumn makeup trends this season. 

The cat-eye has been refreshed this season. 
Left ~ wear full lashes with two arched lines mirrored from each other like Ingrid Pitt from the Vampire Lovers. Right ~ apply with a liquid liner arched up similar to Anna Sui from the runway. 

Lips with a bite with the Best Bite Set ~ apply your darker shade of lipstick all over your lips. Use a lip brush to apply a lighter shade to the center of your pout, blend them gently with you finger and add gloss for a little shine. 

Prune eyes bring out the palest iris, this plum color was seen by Gucci on the runway. You can get this look with Kat Von D's Shade Shifter eyeshadow.

Oxblood is the new black; let blood drip from your fingers. Other nail trends this fall include metallics, applied lace to pale nails and 3D accents. View more nails trends »

To Dye For ~ warmer colors are in the air. I recently just lightened to Strawberry Gold and I love it. View more hair trends »

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