Thursday, May 1, 2008

A World of Curiosities and Adornments!

In a world of delicate masquerading fantasies and splendid melancholy; beholds a young woman named Lucy Harvey. Her artifacts and adornments will make you take a second peek into her world.

Originally from Manchester England, her surroundings are rather gritty, though her true influences come from the narrative ambiguity of aged objects. Her love of Victorian museums originates from the Manchester Museum which was a regular outing for her as a child. Lucy's favorite hang out spot for divine inspiration is Pitt River's museum in Oxford. It's her favorite place on earth filled with collections that are organized by theme rather than by time period. "Their collection of artifacts of sympathetic magic is just superb."

Piece from her Lifechords Collection. ©Lucy Harvey 2008.

Her adornments are made into fine art jewelry and curiosities from found objects. She finds her materials in many different places, anything that she responds to is picked up or bought. Broken pieces of late Victorian ceramic and glass can be found in the ground of an old tip near her home and there used to be a fabulous junk shop in Liverpool where she travels to find one of a kind magnifying lenses and old bottles. Though her pieces are found objects she also uses the internet and her friends to find buried treasure.

Pedestal. ©Lucy Harvey 2008.

The process for each piece is built in the imagination of creepiery, effigies, taxidermy and the uncanny, a place for magic and sketches upon sketches. She recently has been looking at Victorian Spiritualism for new inspiration and is currently studying a Master's at Birmingham Jewellry School. There she has a shared studio cum workshop where she gets to use all sorts of exciting machines. "I think my desk stands out like a sore thumb, it'll be the one with all the 'weird stuff' pinned up and scattered over the top!"

With all the macabre delight from the mind and hands of Lucy Harvey, this dark fairy tale is filled with objects of desire. Her new treasures are from once marks of time that we will all want to get our hands on.

For more of her beautiful work please visit it her at her myspace, blog or flickr.

Specimen case. ©Lucy Harvey 2008.

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