Thursday, February 15, 2018

Imbolc Celebration in Honor of the Goddess Brigid

Imbolc evening was celebrated with my Wiccan friend Lindsay, we got together for a warm midwinter dinner in honor of the maiden Goddess Brigid, who during Imbolc is in the form of the sun and starts to spread her green cloak across the land releasing it from winter. It is this time of year we start to see first glimpses of green and the days start to get longer, as a promise of spring. The dining area was webbed with green and white flowers, along glowing candles to celebrate this festival of light. 

We both we in charge of cooking a few dishes for our celebration (see recipe links down below). We started our dinner with the Imbolc 'Friends Ritual' from the Llewellyn's 2018 Sabbats Almanac, which involved drinking a chalice of wine with wild roses in honor of our ancestors who have died. Dinner was splendid over friendship and filling our bellies with hope of Spring to come. I'm truly looking forward to the warmer weather and the Snow Drops that start popping up – they always remind me of my grandmother. 

Imbolc colors, candles, oils and Flowers
Recipes / Foods
Symbols for the Sabbat / Goddess Brigid
Imbolc & Brigid Customs / Offerings

Candles: white (represents the snowy winter) and green (future and land that will be), pink and blue 
Flowers: snowdrops, willow tree leaves, floral fertility crowns
Oils: cinnamon, lavender, cedar wood, lemon, rose, jasmine, rosemary
Crystals: garnet, bloodstone, amethyst, sunstone
Incense: (fresher scents for Spring) basil, bay, wisteria, cinnamon, violet, vanilla, myrrh

Aspects of Brigid: poetry, creativity, forge, blacksmiths, healing, medicine, home/hearth, fertility, Cailleach (divine hag, Goddess of Winter)
Symbols: Fire, cauldron, spring, well, Brigid wheels, Goddess effigy/dollies, the bride
Colors: red and white
Animals: white cow with red ears, ewe sheep, wolf, snake, swan (white feathers), phoenix, fox

Tea light candles from: Earth Goddess Body Shop - vegan, natural bath & body products

Top left to right: wine with rose petals for our Friends Ritual, Baked Brie with Balsamic Rosemary Cranberry Sauce (we used raspberries instead!), Classic Shortbread Cookies, Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken

Other foods for this Sabbat: Dairy everything!!! Seeds, honey bars, seeded breads and cakes (represent new life), herbal teas like ginger, roasted vegetable soups, beer cheese soup, herb and honey butter

Pyramid Tri-pod Cauldron from GrayVervain: Magical Home

Custom for women to wear white
Brigid wheels, Brigid Cross: put above or on the door to bless your home (Celtic, Wiccan)
Remove Yuletide greens from home & burn them (Celtic)

Oatcakes or barmbrack bread
Sacred milk (ewe milk): pour it onto the earth to speed the return of fertility to the earth
Put out food and drink on her eve (Jan 31): buttered bread, milk, grains and seeds


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Yule and the Welcoming of the Winter Solstice

Welcoming the season of Yule and preparing for the winter solstice I'd thought I'd share some of my symbolic decorations and meanings behind them.

Many sacred plants are spread around the house both inside and out, including evergreens, in which life is forever present. Evergreens are thought to have power over death and to defeat winter demons such as depression. Evergreen magic: the color of rebirth and renewal include pines, fir, juniper to offer protection. Prickliness of holly leaves are said to ward off evil spirits with Berries for the Holly King. Apples as an offering. Red bows to invite prosperity and good fortune. Pinecones representing the God. 

A celebration of light and fire with candles in white for hope of new light. Pale pinks and whites of the magnolia, to bring love, peace and harmony, along side gold candles for the Sun King. Solar symbols to lure the sun back to earth, for rebirth and return of warmth. White antlers for Herne, Lord of the Trees and protector of the forest, in his form of The White Stag, but also represents Cernunnos, the Celtic god of fertility, animals, life and the underworld. Two goats for Thor, who pulled his chariot. Gaia, the Mother Earth Goddess rests above green pines sprinkled with winter white snow and a dedicated green candle. I've also decorated Dionysus, who is always present in my home, with holly, berries and candles – he is especially deeply rooted during this time of year with the festivities of joy, gluttony and cheer. What are some of your decorations?

Addition to original post: I came out this morning to leave for work, as I usually do. I had noticed two of three apples I had put in my basket we're gone, I set them out as an offering to the Gods for honor and a way to show respect. Now I do suspect animals got to them, which to me is special in itself as provided a meal to an animal who is living on the land. Those two apples will provide nourishment, where it is not certain life will remain in the upcoming harsh winter months. Also, to me this moment filled my heart, but I had shared this with a co-worker who had laughed it, and it really hurt actually, for my beliefs are sacred to me – I would never be the one to make fun of another's beliefs. "What ye send out, comes back to thee."

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Drift With Us: Mens Jewelry Collection

Ghostly Painted Woman

A special gem from my grandmother’s attic, actually painted by her herself. I particularly love the folded hands of this 18th century powdered ghostly woman. Perfectly set with false hair and waves that last for days. Translucent blues and caramels are just so pleasing to the eye, she sits inside a large dark oak frame that is soon to rest on my revamped studio of dark navy skies. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Drift with Us: New Men's Jewelry

Keep your eyes peeled for tonight's reveal of more jewelry pieces
from our exclusive new men's jewelry collection 'The Drift'!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Phurpa: Ritual Sound Ceremonies

A new discovery is Phurpa, the Russian musical performance group who practice the sound performance art of Bon, a Tibetan Buddhist ceremony of droning and tantric. The sounds from their gut is super mediative and moody. I'm going to fall to the shaman after this long draggin' work week. Sit back, close your eyes and take in this strange orgasmic soul awakener. 

Also check out their Bandcamp music page »

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Return of BlackHand

A few years back I wrote about one of my favorite local bands BlackHand. After a long hiatus, these dudes are back in full force with new jams and two new members. I recently had the opportunity to update their logo for a more spacey vibe, which was super fun and challenging. I pulled out the old pencils to do hand drawn lettering resembling space mountains and craters from parts unknown. Look for another post soon on the process of doing this new logo, from sketches to renditions.

You will be hearing more of BlackHand in 2015 with the release of their second album that is a darker take on 70s sci-fantasy mixing tastes of doom and thrash. These guys just played at the Oddity Bar in Wilmington, DE. Check out a video below featuring the songs "The Watcher"and "Secret War" with are a darker perspective on these silver age comic references.

Hit up BlackHand on the social webs:

Goodbye Winter ~ Spring Cleaning Sale

We are one day away from Spring and of course Winter is trying to go out with a bang. Come on man, we want flowers, birds chirpin, love makin', road tripin' kind of weather. But with the closing of Winter, comes new things and like every year we must put away last year's jewelry. In honor of Spring we are offering select jewelry up to 50% off.

Winter Attic Sale

S H O P   O U R   S A L E   I T E M S @ 

Avenge Green Turquoise Stacked Arrow Pyrite Swooping Necklace $22

Pit and Pendulum Axe Necklace $18

In Flames Fire Polished Glass Bar Spiked Necklace $16

Bound Leather Fringe Bracelet $8

Gold Pulley Traveler Talisman $ 16
Knighthood Vintage Necklace $18

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Business Saturday

To all the movers, makers, shakers, hustlers and supporters Happy Small Business Saturday!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Looking Glass Collection

We've been lured in by the supernatural, sworn to secrecy and welcomed the unknown in our new collection 'The Looking Glass'. Here are just a few pieces that honor our obsession to the dark.
Shown above is an Independent Order of Oddfellows ceremonial medallion for the Daughters of Rebekah – a necklace in honor of any midnight ceremony.
Relics inspired by Stephen King's The Shining, wearable premonitions foreshadowing the future. Room 237 Wax ring. Graveyard Mix Matching Wax Earrings. Room 217 Bloody Wax Necklace.
Wear this Shield of Trinity Necklace to guide and protect you in your travels.
The Unknown Badge ID Necklace identifies M. Hall 777977, a necklace of mysterious in itself.
A striking amulet symbolizing Elizabeth Bathory, in her search of timeless beauty.

This Victorian Farewell German Silver Purse has been transformed into a token of remembrance.