Friday, July 25, 2008

Beauty in Nature Series 1

You can find the most delicate subjects in nature, and yet the most intricate of creatures if you look hard enough. I was out one day, skies were beautiful and the air was moist. To my divine destiny, I came upon a dead creature, a black bird with orange on it's chest. The little fellow fell right into my hands of memory.

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Death Portrait 1. ©Leila Marvel, 2008.
Death Portrait 2. ©Leila Marvel, 2008.

This creature so delicate and peaceful I couldn't resist holding it and savoring the delicate moment in time before this black bird rotted away. How can something so beautiful in the concept that it once flew over the earth, going to skies above to which I can never go except in my dreams. I present to you photos from the Beauty in Nature Series, part 1: Death Portraits.

Death Portrait 3 ©Leila Marvel, 2008.

The truth to the matter is this little guy must have died and fallen from a tree, there it was laying right in front of me. Truly amazing this gift was, a silent picture, a restful moment and a glorious flight!



"Death is the Martyr of Beauty" (Death in June)

You really have a good eye...these are lovely!

sherijohnson (Shay) said...

My eyes are tearing..I'm not sure why...the beautiful images or the thoughtful words.