Monday, February 16, 2009

New Adornments and Endearments

Swwwwhhh, last week was crazy but turned out to have a lovely weekend though. Spent all day Saturday with my hubby, had an afternoon delight and we went out to dinner at Potstickers and later watched Who is Harry Crumb? and One Crazy Summer. Good times.

After a lazy Saturday, I traveled up to PA for the day to visit my dad. After some time taking down the Christmas tree, I spent the rest of the day creating new pieces for the shop. I am truly excited for this week, this afternoon I will be photographing all 12 new arrivals; hopefully to then list most of them tonight while I watch Intervention and Paranormal State

Other great news is that I am five away from my 500th sale! Whoot Whoot. To celebrate I am giving away a special jewelry creation to my 500th customer. Could be earrings or bracelet! So stay tuned at Red Heart 13 for details.

N E W  A R R I V A L S   C O M I N G   S O O N:

6 Necklaces:
~ A Lifetime of Secrets: featuring skeleton key and vintage watch
~ Pretty Tied Up 3: featuring pewter bow with rose engraving
~ Bella Rose
~ Immaculate Wonder
~ Rose Passion Twilight
~ Bringer of Death

6 Pairs of Earrings:
~ Hula Girl
~ White Raspberry Peeps
~ Fallen Empire
~ Rose Passion Twilight
~ Enchanted Peacock
~ Hearts Desire

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