Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NEW ARRIVAL: Floral Arrangement

This past weekend was quite pleasant, I hit a couple antique stores on Sunday where I picked up some quite lovely vintage pendants and even an old mason jar filled with antique buttons and pendants (can't wait to make some lovely earrings with them).  I was able to create six new pieces which in the end most had floral inspirations.

N E W   A R R I V A L S:

~ 1) Be fine and dandy in this bright Peachy Keen Rose necklace. A vintage silver oval pendant is kissed with a rose and have lovely pink and coral beads to match.

~ 2) Yummy White Chocolate Kisses to adorn your ears and will fix that sweet tooth! These delicious tulip drops are perfect for any casual outing on the town or even to the candy shop.

~ 3) Beautiful fluttering wings of an Archangel Vixen in black. Silver teared drops are matched with vintage black and silver speckled glass beads and a silver pearl to top it off. 

~ 4) After a long day at the office, come home to this darling Floral Nightcap necklace. Created from a vintage porcelain liquor tag and kissed with hand crafted polymer clay flowers; this necklace is a true conversation starter.

~ 5) This enchanted floral heart necklace truly looks as if it comes from Eve's Secret Garden. This lucite gold etched engraved ruby red heart will put a spell on you!

~ 6) Delicious Caramel Nouveau Empire Drops in a bold creamy brown are quite delectable  for the awakening spring.


The Empty Envelope said...

These are stunning!! Wonderful work!

Alexis said...

Wow, I adore #4. It's so strange and interesting! I want :)

Spool Design said...

number 2 reminds me of those antique milk glass lamps that I love so much. Wonderful work!

Evil Lily said...

#1 is fabulous! They are all wonderful, but #1 is my favorite.