Monday, March 23, 2009

SNEAK PEEKS: Inspired by Pop's house

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing weekend, yesterday I took the 20 minute ride up to my dad's house, good ole West Grove, PA. I actually remembered to bring my camera with me, and decided to walk about the several acre land. My ultimate goal was to prowl around looking for birds eggs, but too soon, too cold! However, I did find some tiny buds blooming and the dead lingering; no not zombies just dried flowers.

In my beloved Sarah Elizabeth's garden, I found this little piece of a forgotten note paper just sticking out of the leaves; it was quiet unusual and had hand written script on a thin lined paper. I couldn't read much of it, but where did it come from? I picked it up and nestled it in my pocket for later, I ended up taking several images with it as my muse. With beautiful green moss and petite white flowers, it ended up looking like a sad love story.

Inspired by my pop's house, I drew from the mossy floor, sweet buds and my mother's bright yellow flower sun dress. Here are some sneak peeks from Red Heart 13, if you see something you like, the listings are already made but no images yet; so here is a first hand look at some special new arrivals!

S N E A K   P E E K S:

~ 1) A Honeysuckle Remembrance Relic, inspired by two special women in my life, my mother and my beloved late Sarah Elizabeth. The vintage canary yellow, lavender and green fabric is from one of my mother's 1970s sun dress, unfortunately it is to small for her but found it in my pop's closet. The threaded flower is taken from the embroidery on my grandmother's old pin cushion. This locket is truly a flashback of nostalgic happy memories. ~ $39.00

~ 2) This Loner Owl may look cute and sweet, but he's a rebel! He flies in the midnight sky looking for grub to fill his belly, and is a homebody during the day and loves his Rambo PJs.  ~ $25.50

~ 3) An ode to nature; pure spring magic! These Sweet Pea Mini Acorns are a squirrels dream, made from minty wooden beads topped with a golden hard shell. ~ $11.00

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Cheryl said...

gorgeous pieces and that locket is incredibly inspirational! sweet, sweet flower picture too.