Monday, April 27, 2009

My Top 20 Most Sexiest Men Ever!

Throughout my lifetime, I've had crushes on men I can't have, from celebrities to actors and young singers to heavy rockers. I thought I'd share my top 20 crushes of all time. I'm often drawn to certain celebrities by the characters they portray in a film or singers who evoke the heart! I did notice one thing, many of the guys look similar, I'm deeply drawn to men with dark eyes and dark hair, hence my husband Bruce, who has looks to die for, even the lashes.

Note to the viewer: sorry to get you all hot and heavy while your at work!

~ 1) EDWARD CULLEN: Rob Pattison plays this fictional character in the movie Twilight, he is my new infatuation and currently my #1. With his dark eyes and brooding look, I wish I was in Bella's shoes! (And I don't care if he is only 22.)

~ 2) PHIL ANSELMO: He was the singer for Pantera and now is the front man for the band Down and Superjoint Ritual. When I was a young teenager, I fell in love with his vocals, tattoos and his hard body from the period of Vulgar Display of Power.

~ 3) CHRISTIAN BALE: Known as Bruce Wayne, the leader of the Newsies and Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

~ 4) ORLANDO BLOOM: With this guy it's all about his eyes, I can't get enough of them! Gosh I wish he could rescue me from work.

~ 5) JOHNNY LEE MILLER: Had a crush on this guy ever since I saw him in Hackers, and he has gotten hotter with age, he looks super sexy in a suit on Eli Stone.

~ 6) HEATH LEDGER: Now he is gorgeous all around, and most would say it is his dirty blonde hair but I adore him in the film Candy, which was the film right before he played the Joker, in The Dark Knight. Heath is so sincere with his character and I can't get enough of the kissing scenes in the beginning. Him as the Joker, hot!

~ 7) THOMAS JANE: Frank Castle is the Punisher! This badass killer can take me down to Chinatown any day.

~ 8) JIM STURGESS: In my book, this english actor melted my heart in Across the Universe.

~ 9) JOHHNY DEPP: He is def a heart throb!

~ 10) ROBERT DOWNEY JR.: Super sexy older man, loved him as Tony Stark, got to love his attitude.

~ 11) ROGER HUERTA: This UFC fighter can put me in a choke hold any day. He even wears super tight white shorts that hug his butt.

~ 12) DANNY GOKEY: If its not his smile, its his deep sexy vocals, I can never take my eyes off this guy on American Idol.

~ 13) STEWART TOWNSEND: He plays a gorgeous Dorian Gray, and of course best known as the mysterious Lestat.

~ 14) KRIS ALLEN: I'm attracted to his shy personality and his crooked smile; he is like the guy next door.

~ 15) DIEGO SANCHEZ: This UFC fighter is known as the "Nightmare", and can ground and pound me any day. Whooh, did I just say that out loud.

~ 16) DAVID BECKHAM: All I can say is, Armani ad!

~ 17) ROCKY BALBOA: Sly has piercing dark eyes, rock hard muscles and a deep voice. My favorite scene from Rocky 1, is when he is standing in the doorway talking to Adrian, god so hot!

~ 18) ZAKK WYLDE: The singer and guitarist of Black Label Society, his voice just amazes me and reminds me of a dark horse riding a Harley. I'd recommend checking out Book of Shadows.

~ 19) GARY OLEMAN: One word Dracula. If you can't already tell, I'm in love with vampires.

~ 20) CHARLIE SHEEN: He is a smart-ass and one hell of a looker.

Other studs who I heart, but didn't make the cut for my top 20: Christian Slater in True Romance, The Boss, Mike Patton from Faith No More, M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold  the unforgettable Elvis Presley and Clint Eastwood as Blondie from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.


Spool Design said...
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Spool Design said...

Thank you so much for introducing me to Roger Huerta. Don't tell anyone, but I think I might start to stalk him a little. Alot, really. He is delicious.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Johnny Depp has to be my all time delicious to look at and watch act! Christian Bale and Heath again!

Evil Lily said...

#3,9,18,19 PLEASE! I could easily stalk Christian Bale!

SusiePrue said...

this is why i love you!

i have had a massive crush on william petersen ever since i saw manhunter. everyone laughs at me when they find out, saying he's old and he kinda sucked in to live and die in l.a. but i still adore him. your defense of you ufc fighter guys reminded me of that. too funny!

Chelsea said...

haha! i love this as well! great picks!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

haha! Well, I'd love to spend the night talking with Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger (really interesting people) and Orlando Bloom is a sweet boy, but I think the only one in that 20 I really feel anything below the belt for is Gary Oldman. And he gets better every year!

Never was one for chiselled jaws and beefcake bodies- but I do agree with you on the dark hair though, especially if it's peppered with grey. :D