Thursday, May 7, 2009

Buried Treasure: Flea Market Finds

Don't you just love flea markets, I can't get enough of them! Last Saturday, I spent the morning at the Fairmount Ave flea market that surrounds the Eastern State Penitentiary, the flea market returns Sat, September 12, but there are a ton more coming up you can find here

I've been looking forward to going for the past month and went treasure hunting with my accomplice Jess and boy did I hit the jackpot! I came home a ton of vintage jewelry, plus an antique photo album with over 20 cabinet cards of one family, from the early 1800s. Below are some of the glorious finds from my adventure! These finds should be popping up in my shop within the next couple of weeks.

Top to bottom, left to right:
• Vintage pearls with rhinestone rondelles and vintage brass bird pendant and Dogwood flowers • Red glass beads with brass bead caps and two vintage silver shoe buckles with red velvet fabric
• Vintage flower brooch with glass amethyst stones
• Two antique photo buttons, one has the most amazing crackling from aging.

• An antique Pythian Sisters badge brooch, featuring the letters PLEF: Purity, Love, Equality and Fidelity. Made of sterling silver, there is an engraved name reading Jeanette Boehm and has a crown for our queendom, the scepter for our rule and the sword for wrath. There is also a beautiful smaller badge with a sun setting into the clouds, I couldn't find any of these badges with the sun symbol online, this symbol must be rarer and means the soul rising into heaven according to headstone symbols.
• Three military medals honoring a solider in shooting training, love these!

Embroidered silver rose bracelet with beautiful detailing of red roses
• Vintage snuff / pill box pendant, features red rhinestones and the back opens to reveal your poison of choice
• Vintage daisy blush compact and two baby pink thimbles
Royal flourish pendant with enamel crest

White enamel bracelet with rhinestones and cabs
Garden heart pendant with engraved flowers
• Whimsical umbrella and feather brooch


Evil Lily said...

Those are wonderful finds!!!

Moondoonie said...

Love vintage pieces. I wish I could live my life going from one creative place to another. For now, I will visit your blog often for my 'fix' ;-). Thanks for sharing!

eNVe said...

that amethyst brooch is amazing!

Together We Save said...

Wow these are some loverly pieces. Can you believe I have never been to a flea market. I want to go but I fear spending to much money.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

You have a great eye for finds, my dear! These are all stunning! x

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