Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Enter to Win the June GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

Contest is from Wednesday June 3rd ~ Friday, June 12th

If you don't already know, today is the first day for the Red Heart 13 June GIVEAWAY! It has been a marvelous two years on etsy and I have made adoring friends and support from so many. There aren't enough words to say thank you, so I wanted to show some love by having my first giveaway. 

To kick things off, I took a poll to find out what people wanted to see as the giveaway prize, I gave the option of a gift certificate, small relic locket, a Skeleton Krew painting or earrings. 85% of votes were for the Skeleton Krew painting, and I was so astonished to see so many people love my haunting original paintings. This past weekend I took some time and painted two new cabinet cards to add to the macabre family, I had a small voting poll between Midnight Matilda and Weeping Elora. The people have spoken and the giveaway prize is going to be Skeleton Krew no.022 Midnight Matilda.

E N T E R   T O   W I N
Wednesday, June 3rd ~ Friday, June 12th
The giveaway contest is simple, I thought I would make it easy this time around; though future contests may acquire some imagination! Show some love by:
~ Leaving a comment that includes your name and email address or etsy shop name.

Note: anyone who left a comment in the last two voting blogs will automatically have their names entered into the giveaway.

T H E   P R I Z E
The winner will be picked randomly out of all the ballots come late night on June 12th. The winner will be notified and will receive the painting below of Skeleton Krew no.022 Midnight Matilda. Matilda was a victim of envy. Arsenic was the vice from the hands of her sister; it was the perfect crime, mixing it into her midnight tea. 

The painting is done in all black gouache on an antique photo cabinet card measuring 4.25" w x 6.5" h, the live painted area is aproximately 2.5" w x 3.5". She comes stamped, signed and numbered on the back of the card, she is a perfect piece to add to any cabinet of curiosities or even a personal painting collection.

Leave a comment below with your contact info, so I know you stopped by!


Blood Milk said...

hooray for giveaways! it was really great to see you this past weekend! thanks for coming by!
let's go treasure hunting together soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love those. Of course I'm entering!

madbird said...

Cool painting! My boys would LOVE it.


Beyond the Picket Fence said...

wow! the detail is amazing. wonderful work!!


DeadmansLog said...

Simply have to do it -- I love your work, and this is wonderful.

Carrie Mae:

Izabella said...

oh my...isn't she lovely!! I would be thrilled to win one of your amazing pieces or art!!

thanks for sharing, you are a precious soul~

xo ~Bella

Chelsea said...

i love this! beautiful work!



Lost in the Forest said...

Excellent painting!

Congratulations on 2 years on etsy :)

Emily x

Alyssa Zygmunt said...

i'm loving it!
have a great weekend.

charles carley said...

found you on twitter, i love your site already

charles carley

Vanessa Moore said...

How I LOVE your skeleton krew series.. I even have one of my own! I would love to win Matilda, that way I could start a skeleton krew collection!


The first church of Füllüp said...


love it.

Sybelle Darling said...

it's such a mad idea.

rachael said...

i love it! great blog too!

Leatherdykeuk said...

How super!
Rachel Green
leatherdykeuk on ETSY

Mandy Jordan said...

Ooohh... these cabinet card paintings are to die for! (no pun intended!) I saw your post on the Cabinet of Curiosities Etsy team list and I'd love to enter.
- Mandy, aka "junquegrrl" on Etsy

jessica, a miniature rhino said...

love your work! you designed the COC banner right?! its a-ma-zing!

k. said...

wow, she's amazing! this is the first i've seen of your work, and i am very intrigued :)


sky said...

oo! i collect unusual cabinet cards and daguerrotypes! i would absolutely love to be lucky enough to win your painted one!


Letitia said...

wow! thank you so much for giving such wonderful drawings to the world! fingers crossed! ;)

Christie said...

How exciting is this? I love these and am feeling lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leila!

My comment: I cannot find the bee earrings on your page ...?

uka, Spain

BululuStudio said...

Ooh creepy Matilda...but very cool at the same time


Anonymous said...

Love your cat's name.

Suzanne said...

Eeeep! So much competition already! :)

Anyways, I'll try my luck since I really love your art.



suzanne (AT) wurzeltod (DOT) ch

Anonymous said...

Love your work =)

Anonymous said...

In love. This site has captured my full attention just as Bloodmilk has. <3 Extremely talented, and very inspiring. x0x0

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