Friday, June 5, 2009

Odd & Beautiful Souls

I find that whenever strange happenings occur in my life or when death takes someone close, I turn to my nexus of time or what I like to call my 150 year old brick townhouse filled with my obsessions and collections. It is a world filled with creaking rocking chairs and enchanting immaculate faces amongst the darker side of things.

The beginning of this month is quite a mystery to me, I sort of had these same feelings about a year ago and began doing more painting and hoarding of odd relics, but only to embody them in my wooden cabinet of curiosities. I like to bring them out every now and then, but most of the time they sit behind glass as if I were an observer in an underground museum in New Orleans.

My miniature dark museum holds hand made relics in apothecary bottles, frozen memories all nestled together, a glass eye looks up at you as you observe animal skulls and tiny assemblages amongst anatomy books, ahhh a safe home filled with tragedy and romance.

I have a new relic to be added to my collection for the time being, until someone comes along to give it a new story, this Memento Mori Relic Locket is time capsule of life and death, beginnings and ends to memories that have left my soul and new ones that the future hold. A skeleton key stands as its comrade to lock in dark forbidden forces and for fate to birth a new dawn.

To old endings with the turn of the screw, and to new light upon the horizon…

For now my dark side has escaped and I welcome it kindly.


ladyfoxandhound said...

I'm moving to a town with all sorts of historic homes this fall and I really hope I get a house like the one you are describing....amazing piece, too.

Blood Milk said...

i want to see pictures of your collections!!! we should have an etsy cabinet of curiosities home edition. everyone must have amazing collections!!!!

Evil Lily said...

Beautiful piece!

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