Friday, June 26, 2009


Last night I had the honor of watching Predator with my husband Bruce, it was my first time and I was very satisfied with this film, I was cheering and yelling at my tv; now of course it is some what cheesy with the Arnold's one liners but they make the movie so much better. For coming out in the 80s I think it still ranks pretty badass!

Being over the top, this film is an action, suspense and violent extravaganza of muscles, an extra-terrestrial warrior, commandos with guns and cool thermal effects. I was really impressed with the score for the film, composed by Alan Silvestri whose other credits include Back to the Future and the unforgettable Who Framed Roger Rabbit. You get a sense of chills and fear from the lurks in the forrest and crazed soldiers gone mad; a classic symphony for any thriller.

The one liners are fantastic, including these "If it bleeds, we can kill it" or "Stick Around"! One of my favorite scenes is helicopter ride in the beginning, just classic bathroom talk from macho men. These badass commandos are killed off one by one, totally brutal and righteous. There are some heated arguments along the way as well as a montage of hard bodied men working together to set traps for the Predator. I must of counted over 35 shots of just pure rock hard muscles, got to love it; it wouldn't be an Arnold movie if there wasn't! And who cannot forget pure macho fights and battles featuring spears, rocks, fists, blood and mud! Hell yeah! 

Before I watched this film I didn't know too much about the predator, I am still very intrigued and want to know more about their kind, I want to see the 2nd with Danny Glover, but my husband says it crap. I love the Predators gear, including a futuristic medical kit and also his trophies of skulls that he keeps from all his kills. I was extremely disturbed when he took off his mask and love how it could learn and imitate people's voices including the mad insane laugh at the end of the film. I may just have to read Batman verses Predator! 

For more shits and giggles, I found this great article that features 8 Life Lessons We Can Learn from the 'Predator', here are some, click for a more detailed analysis:

This murderous suspense film is a must see and right up there with Rambo!


Evil Lily said...

Ok first of all, I'm shocked that you were a Predator virgin! That movie is effing badass! And, Bruce is right, the second one sucks ass!

Cheryl said...

I watched this movie years ago when it came out (liked it too) and I still get a freakish feeling whenever I'm outside at night and hear certain noises! Your husband is right... the following movies weren't near as good.

wiec? said...

glad to hear you liked Predator. i just watched Predator 2 on HBO the other night for the first time since i saw it in the theatre when i was a kid . though not a great movie it is one of those movies that i think is so bad it's good. very cheesy and totally silly at times but the Predator generates quite the body count. so it had that going for it.