Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trick & Treats: Halloween Ideas

Halloween is my all time most cherished season of the year, I'm feeling a little bummed this year because I can't decorate my house due to packing and mayhem. Every year we usually throw a Halloween costume but this year we are heading over to our friends house for an awesome time, I actually lending some of my paintings for the haunting decor. Bruce and I are being a little creative again this year, but not saying who were are going to be, but check out these sweet vintage cat eye glasses that I got for my costume!

Even though there is no sign of halloween at my house, I still love looking at all the lovely decorating ideas from Martha Stewart and who cannot forget fabulous treats that would make snacks for any party. There is always next year I guess!

~ TRULY TO DIE FOR! Martha Stewart Halloween Wine Labels, perfect to transform ordinary wines and sodas into something sweet and poisonous.

~ Staircase Silhouette, a menacing shadow climbs the stairs. Decorating with paper silhouettes are an inexpensive way to add some mystery and whimsy to any room.

~ Creepy and cookie! Chocolate and Pretzel Witch Fingers ready to creep and crawl across any party table, and delicious looking too!

~ Elaborate Bird Masks from Martha Stewart, step by step stencils to create a woodland mask ready for a Halloween day at the office or school day. Check out the Owl or Black Cat masks as well.

~ The grandest house on the block, carve your very own Haunted Manor Pumpkin Mansion, with a step by step tutorial to create rickety shutters and boarded-up doors and windows.

~ A couple years back I stumbled upon Vintage by Crystal and just fell in love! She created a custom wedding wreath of my husband and I in a haunted love scene. I just covet all of her hand spun cotton figurines for every season. I really love her Halloween collection, including this Orange and Black Bat Girl Figure.

~ How about a spook with this original handcrafted Crocheted Junior Skull, ready to place as a centerpiece on a table or scare all the kids on the school bus!

~ Add some spooky fun with Printable Bat Garland, ready to add whimsy and ghoulish decor to any party.

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Vintage by Crystal said...

Oooohhh...I've got some great decorating ideas now! I love your Halloweeny tastes and thank you so much spotlighting my little bat girl! And I see you now have black hair! Very becoming! :)