Friday, December 18, 2009

Deck the Halls: Holiday Decorating Inspiration

The holiday festivities are truly right around the corner, but I am not ready, we have our tree and lights up, we've got firewood, but what dinner. I still haven't decorated the dinning room, yikes! Today my husband and his buddy are completing the new painted dinning room after a month literally, anywhooo, the room was originally was a horrible salmon color mixed with tan trim. I'm truly excited for the new color palette of moss green walls with bright white trim and I'm looking forward to decorating the room this weekend. I'm thinking long white curtains for the bay window and not sure what I'm doing to spice it up for the Christmas, but I've been searching for some DIY ideas and thought I'd share!

~ I'm thinking of decorating the room in all white with touches of green accents with a couple of red punches, I really love this photo from Martha Stewart, it is so enchanting and I love how the green anchors the doorway. I have some left over branches from the tree so I could add some on the table or over the windows.

~ You can spice up your kitchen or even bathroom with small accents of green brush or how about some small shimmering ornaments in a apothecary jar. 

~ I recently found this stunning image from Nettleton Hollow, a leading provider of high-quality decorative branches and other lasting botanical material. I love the branches with these hanging clear glass lantern balls, the flameless candles are a brilliant way to add candlelight without the flame; a similar idea would be to hang ornaments from a chandelier.

~ Vintage accents are a huge part of my decor, I've seem to have raided my grandmother's attic a while back and have all sorts of odds & ends. I love this revamped fawn, I've even seen these fuzzy guys at flea markets and such, I love the idea of making them new. 

~ The holidays isn't all about red, green and white! I'm in love with this arrangement from Angela's Accents, baby doll pink and I even see pink feathers, how magnificent! Some of my other favs are royal blue and tiffany blue.

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