Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gone Sweet, Sultry and Innocent

I'm always in search of finding new ways to offset my jewelry, so recently I was inspired by Jayne Mansfield, she could be sultry or just sweet and innocent. I took a trip to the local thrift store Saturday evening during the snow storm, and went straight to the lingerie section, not for me of course, but for my mannequin bust. I rummaged through the racks and found some lovely vintage darlings: a silk white slip with lace, a pale pink lace top, a gray silk top, a vampress long black slip and a see-through black lace shaw. I think they each have their own personality and really blend well with different styles of my necklaces. I'm also in the midst of vamping my shop for spring, I recently found this vintage white glass vase I've been shooting all my earrings on. Once those pics are complete I'm then going to reshoot everything on my old books in the perfect morning light, so until than please don't mind the mish mash of backgrounds, I've been experimenting lately.

T A K E   A  P E A K   B E L O W

~ Queen Catherine Rosary Necklace: inspired by blackened expelled marriage between Henry VIII and Queen Catherine of Aragon.

~ Through the Mini Looking Glass Necklace, perfect to view the most adored photographs or the fine white rabbit hair inside the heart locket.

~ Minnie Bow Necklace, inspired by the fabulous mouse herself!

~ Black Coral Plastic Pendant Necklace: a delightful arrangement of the sea.

~ Pearls of Wrath Earrings: simple and sweet with but a story of hopelessness. Classic pearls are a lady's best friend even in a drought, hard times and economic hardship.

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