Friday, February 19, 2010

NEW The Fallen Engagement

It was 1934, Mary had moved to the Big Apple in hopes of becoming an actress. A couple shows here an there, but nothing big. Over tea at the local coffee shop, she met Henry James, the man she fell in love with. He truly won her over one Sunday morning at their usual spot, only this time an engagement ring was laying at the bottom of the tea cup. They were to be married in December of 1935, but the day never came, he died six months later in a horrible accident on 42nd street on the way to Mary's big opening show of Gypsy Blonde; the one that made her famous.

The Fallen Engagement Necklace

Such a tragic love story for a nostalgic adornment, the ones that I fall for every time. A lonesome ring amongst classic pearls tell the story of Mary. A vintage strand of cream pearls are swooped together with a silver roped chain with a rhinestone and pearl ring features a timeless beauty and decay from over the years.

A fairly old petite sterling silver souvenir spoon from New York, features an ornate engraving in a lovely script. The top of the spoon has splendid flourishes in a decorative handle that makes me want to return for a visit. 

Truly an extravagant necklace with a tale to tell, pearls of whimsy matched with nostalgic souvenirs of a bustling city and romance.

PHOTO OF WOMAN: I recently collaborated my jewelry designs in a fashion editorial photoshoot inspired by the illustrations of
Sandra Suy (more to come soon). Photography by Mary Kate Burgess.


The Bird said...

What beautiful pieces you creat!! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog :) I'm a Halloween folk artist and I'd be honored it you came on over to check out my blog too when you get a moment...tankies!

~ Brialee ~

Blood Milk said...

really beautiful. i collaborated with a photographer as well and it was such a lovely experience. xo