Friday, April 2, 2010

Lost & Found

From left to right, top to bottom: vintage lion head earrings, clock key, beautiful crown pendant and brooch, coo coo clock dime holder to carry money for the pay phones.

I've been collecting many new flea market and antique stores finds in the past few weeks, I think I'm all stocked up for summer, even though I'm a shopoholic, there will be more to come for sure, especially since the weather is so beautiful. I cannot wait to start working in my little studio factory and create new pieces.

I have some new pieces in the works for my Skeleton Krew Collection, translating painting into wearable art, with lockets, brooches and pins. More to come soon friends.

~ New finds: small tintype, tiny photo button and lovely gold locket

~ New finds: Gin decanter tag, metal shield, sterling fawn brooch, vintage metal numbered tags.

~ Just purchased this darling photo locket with young girl with bow in her hair, she is just lovely.

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