Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enter the RH13 December Giveaway CONTEST

It's that time of year again, a good bye to 2010 and a a time of FREE GIVEAWAYS and when I like to send out a big THANK YOU! Today is the start of the December Giveaway Contest, don't forget to enter, there will be two opportunities to win.

Wednesday, December 8th ~ Friday, December 17th
The giveaway contest is simple, show some love by:
~ Tell us your favorite item in my shop and why you love it!
~ Leave your name and contact email address or etsy shop.

Drop a line via this blog or Facebook Fan Page.

Two winners will be chosen randomly and will be announced late in the evening December 17th. So what are the prizes you ask…

~ 1st Place Winner: we will work together to make a custom piece of jewelry OR custom Skeleton Krew original painting.

~ 2nd Place Winner: will receive a $30 gift certificate to Red Heart 13.


Ms. Robinson said...

i love your Romeo and Juliet it!!!!

Mariah robinson

Anonymous said...

Hello. Haven't got around to shopping ur shop. Still waiting for another "Key to Heaven" piece. That was like two years ago!! Will be shopping around soon! Happy Xmas time!!!

Mariemeier_art said...

difficult to choose but i love de letter M initial... "my" initial :))

all is beautiful !

intime said...

I like the NEW Secret Passageway Key and Bow Emerald Earrings because of the key shapes

Hanna said...

I really like the New "Spell Book Locket and Orb Necklace". Very creative and different! I love the orb + book/locket combo. I would put some little things in it.
Your work is amazing!


Bathhouse Soapery & Caldarium said...

How dare you ask me to pick one thing from your shop! I want everything!! But if I had to choose my current love is the Skeleton Krew no0045 Alphonse art because it would go so well with my Bat Sunday print of yours!

SSBoz said...

Of your current pieces, my favorite is "3 Key Necklaces Collection." I love the use of vintage keys and that the necklaces can be worn separately or layered. The piece is stunning - as your jewelry always is!

Leslie Austin said...

Love the store & your creativity. I have so many that I love but I do love the new Rose & Thorn Brass Earrings!

Leslie Austin

Courtney said...

It's so hard to decide because I love all of your jewelry! I guess right now my favorite piece would be either the Spell Book Locket and Orb Necklace, which is so amazing, or the Beer Bottle Opener Knife Necklace, which is both cute and practical:)

Courtney Gerdes