Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Abandoned NVF Plant

The abandoned NVF Plant in Hockessin, DE.
This past Saturday myself and a group of about 30 people ventured to the abandoned NVF Plant in Hockessin, Delaware. Founded by photographer David Norbut, this was the 3rd photowalk and meeting for the Delaware Instagramer's / EyeEm group, this walk so far has been the ultimate adventure. 

Photo by: David Norbut Photography
I got to the location an hour early to participate in David's new photo series called: Into the Wilderness of the Human Spirit, which reflects the raw beauty of mankind. One thing I've learned from the 1st photowalk is come prepared in the proper clothing, my first experience I got mobbed by fleas venturing into the Gibralter Mansion. For starters come prepared in fully covered clothing and boots to walk through any kind of environment. David and I trekked through mud past thorny bushes and burs, the morning was gloomy so we headed up through the hill into and open area to the right light. I really love how David shot my portrait; its the little imperfections in my face that make it feel so raw and personal. All the photos from the series had a real native and natural feel to them which we sometimes we lose into today's world. Check out his full series HERE »

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Firstly, I'll have to tell you in case you we're wondering, is this place private property? Yes. Our group received permission from the township and we each had to sign a waiver to walk the grounds. The first part of the walk we ventured into one of the original buildings which contained contaminants like asbestos. About six years ago the NVF papermill Plant went bankrupt and the remains looks like the workers just got up and walked out, leaving remnants of their everyday behind. Graveyards of filing cabinets, old medical kits, desks, machines, lockers and the random objects like a mini tv, a Marilyn Monroe nude poster, and a frying pan to name a few items. For about an hour we walked some the inner buildings then later roamed the outside along the railroad tracks, through the woods and around the water tower. In the next few years this place will be demolished, so sad because places like this are disappearing. 

I meant some really cool people that day and got some eerie shots taken with my iphone. I also took part on being in front of the camera which was weird and cool all at the same time; want to do that more often. In the afternoon we all met up at one of the Delaware IGER's member's house for some mexican stew, brews and photo editing. I must say it was a great day; I'm really looking forward to our next adventure.

One of the buildings was burnt down, and the roof caved in. This photo was taken between the destruction.

Myself, my brother and his girlfriend, we mostly roamed around together.

This photo turned out really cool, looking like a spirit is being released from my brother's head.

I found myself sitting in this old rocking chair, of course my butt got wet to get this shot.

Me watching tv.

Something left behind, the yarn seemed to go on forever.

Me taking a break from being so serious. This particular photo was taken by my brother Eddie. I had to share cause I love how it turned out, reminds me of an old tintype.

I found this bottle in a medical kit.

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