Friday, March 7, 2008

Thank You Cult Followers!

Hello Cult Followers,

Welcome to the Red Heart Cult! To those you who don't know us, we hope in the future you keep us close to your heart. RHC is a huge supporter of the arts, though we are small and slowly building with followers, we want to express our obsession with art from the human soul. I am Deadeye Jane, the founder of RHC and RH13, I am a graphic designer by trade and an artist true to the heart. Throughout our myspace and etsy shop you can view my adornment relics, jewelry and works from two new collections; Sweet Heart collection and the Skeleton Krew collection. My true mission is supporting the arts through RHC Findings, we honor having featured artists each month and are inspired by sharing their work and watching them grow. During the month we also have special treats, with specialty galleries so stay tuned in April for Vampires Amongst Us gallery.

February was exceptional with the launch of our Sweet Heart Collection, Portraits of Beautiful Deaths. We sold a total of 18 items from our etsy shop, Red Heart 13 And the  Sweet Heart Wooden Necklace and the Macabre Mary painting were sold from the collection. We also sold our Soul Searcher card set and the Venus Locket Relic; which has always been a favorite. It was wonderful being that successful during the time of love and adornment.

We have the arrival of two new galleries up during March. A gallery of ribs, flesh and bones; March Medical Madness II is more grotesque than ever. With over 150 images, we hope you enjoy our obsession to anatomy. Also RHC Findings is supporting artist Vanessa Derranged, an assemblage artist from Tallahassee, FL who believes that "Earth loves assemblage art". So far we are off to a lovely start this year, you have been spreading the word and we honor your support. We are One, The Red Heart Cult.


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