Monday, August 18, 2008

Lucky Amulets

In American folklore, the rabbit's foot amongst others is one of my favorite amulets of luck. The lucky rabbit's foot has become a commonplace of American popular culture; but older beliefs had it considered a Southern superstition or that god dammed hoodoo voodoo. The superstition goes that just not any foot will do, it must be a left hind foot of a rabbit, secondly it must have been shot or captured in a cemetery while there being a full moon. Sounds kinda of crazy right, who's it too say that the rabbit must be killed with a silver bullet.

In any case, the rabbit's foot is dried out a preserved, some people believe that the rabbit's foot is a protective magic in addition to good fortune. Just rub for good luck. There is also common thread to suggestion that the lucky foot is actually cut from a shape-shifted witch. This suggestion of the rabbit's foot being a substitute for a body part of a witch's body originates by from hoodoo folklore. Another example of this is the traditional association between black cats and witchcraft, a black cat bone is also potentially a substitute for a human bone from a witch.

Amongst Hoodoo lore graveyard dust and soil from a cemetery is used for various magical purposes. Dust from a good person's grave keeps the evil away; dust from a sinner's grave is used for a more wicked magic. These symbols can be in association to relics which is another form of sympathetic magic.

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