Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Music Box Chimes

It is another chapter of my life, since the passing of my grandmother. September 1st was her birthday and I didn't realize it until the 2nd. She would have been 97, but passed away last December. I've moved on with grieving and am in a more happier time of my life. A funny thing happened the morning of her birthday, which I didn't understand until now, it was a sign from my sweet Sarah Elizabeth. 

September 1st, about 12:30 a.m., I was up fidgeting about in my living room, I was home alone passing time until I had to go pick up Bruce, my husband. I was down stairs in the living room with all the lights off except a lamp, it was very quiet and still. 

Then for about 10 seconds I heard what sounded like music box chimes coming from a distant The kind of magical sound that comes from a little ballerina spinning on it's tipi toes. I was really confused at the time because I have one on a shelf upstairs, but there was no way I could of heard it; and someone would of had to wind it up. Chills went up my arms, and tickled me, I wasn't frightened but was more calm than anything.

A day passed, the moment was forgotten until yesterday when I was talking to a friend of mine who's birthday is on Oct 1st. I then realized I forgot her birthday. A little spark went off in my noggin, maybe the noise was a whisper from her. She loved music boxes and collected a ton of them for every season, displaying them on her cradenza insisting no one touched them except for her grand-daughter. I would wind them up for her, and we'd listen to the chimes twinkle away.

I feel special because maybe she smiled at me; a sign from her saying she is ok. A little woman with a big heart, she was my queen!


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I believe it! My great-grandmother hangs out all the time! I was her favorite too. In many cultures, people leave offerings for deceased family members...not just on Day of the Dead, but all the time.

Asians keep "spirit houses" by the front doors of their homes and businesses. They offer fresh fruit, incense, and water...sometimes little hard candies.

African based religions also keep an ancestral shrine in the home. Leaving rum and white candles.

These customs are found all over the world. It's a shame most people are so disconnected!

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