Friday, January 9, 2009

S.A.M. Some Artist Man Named Viktor

It is a new year for the Red Heart Cult™, and from the depths of my heart I am honored to present a dear friend to bring in the new year. Viktor Brazfield aka S.A.M. Some Artist Man is a spookish fiend that expresses his work through haunting sculptures, grim paintings and childhood memories turned into assemblages.

Viktor grew up experiencing the beaches, mountain cultures and the city life of what is Southern California, and the lakes and flat lands of Northern Ok. and New Mexico. Due to the traveling as a child, Viktor wondered if he was a gypsy, but in reality he was a Native American boy with English and Irish blood. Viktor later grew up, and received his art training right out of high school as an illustrator for the county. From there, he received formal training in the Air Force as a civilian working in their engineering department. He also took classes at the local junior college, some university classes, artist workshops and learned from his uncles who worked on carvings, sculptures and paintings.

Much of Viktor's work is of a more spiritual inspiration. However, living in Los Angeles has afforded him the opportunity to meet and share with other like minded individuals, who in essence have become his art family in the sense that they all have a deep understanding and respect for his creations; that has inspired and encouraged him to keep creating to a certain degree.

Photobucket Photobucket
The Seeker. Original art scultpure by ©Viktor Brasfield 2008. Created from wood, glass, plastic, rice paper mix and metal.
The Mommy, Frankenstein & Ghost In One. Original art by ©Viktor Brasfield 2008.

Viktor's process is quite interesting… he usually sketches for a few weeks before one of his sculptures or assemblages begins to take form. The sketch ideas come from dreams or images that he sees in nature. He then gathers materials and begins to juxtapose them together. Sometimes the objects will allow him to guide them and sometimes they will tell him where they need to be placed. In between that process, he journals all his thoughts on each project. That process is pretty much like the process a scientist would keep when doing research or working on an invention. He also does research to see if there is any historical significance to his work. For instance, the piece that he created entitled “The Tenth Muse of Metal” which he made for the Art Core: Honoring Metal Through Art Show, involved research on Greek Mythology, Musical Theory, and Muses that allegedly inspired the arts. During that process he realized that there were 9 muses, so naturally Viktor's became the tenth muse of Metal Music.

Photobucket Photobucket
Assemblage alter for the Congregation of the Forgotten Saints. ©Viktor Brasfield 2008.
Jesus Box Rockabilly Style. Original art by ©Viktor Brasfield 2008.

In Viktor's (spare) time he likes to go to art shows and Pow Wows the Rockabilly, Hellbilly scene , he loves to get on his bobber and drive to nowhere. Researching the paranormal and mental illnesses also intrigues him, supernatural inspirations can be found in some his most bizarre paintings like the one above. A while back Viktor played the harp in a couple bands, lately he has been thinking about getting back in the scene. He also loves to encourage other artists of all ages to just keep doing their work. To quote Tim Gunn, “Make it work, people”. The Red Heart Cult honors Viktor's dedication to his work and loves that he is truly supportive of other artists.

Here is Viktor in his studio.

"When it comes down to it, I do my art work because it reflects my childhood and encompasses both good and not so good memories. Something funny if you go see the moive the Unborn remmeber me…hehehe!"

In the last six months Viktor has had shows at the following Los Angeles galleries: Congregation of the Forgotten Saints, Artcore, Art Slaves, The Hive, The Koos, The United Cats, Safari Sam’s and The Barnsdall Park Gallery. We hope you enjoy our featured artist for January, Viktor is a dear friend and I wish the best of luck to him and hope to travel our to L.A. one day to see his immaculate work in person. Thank you Viktor!


The Empty Envelope said...

Wow, his work is absolutely amazing.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Wow - these are incredible! I'll definitely be keeping my eye on him x

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