Friday, March 6, 2009

Back From the Dead

The other day I was moving some old books around on my desk, and what do you know, I found two lost Skeleton Krew portraits that I've been searching for the past year. I also found an unfinished painting in the book as well. The two macabre ladies are back from the dead and are newly listed in my shop.

~ Skeleton Krew™ portrait no.009 this woman finally has peace, parts of her face have been painted to look like stitches, if only she had that smooth porcelain skin she once had before her accident. The portrait is an antique cabinet card painted with gouache and ink.

~ Skeleton Krew™ portrait no.010, a thin face with hungry eyes and fear of death; poor starved soul. This tinotype is surrounded by a cream paper and a pink border.

If your on myspace, stop by the Red Heart Cult for more from the Skeleton Krew™ Collection.

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boylerpf said...

I was cleaning my desk the other day and found some neat treasures that I had totally forgotten about! Not quite as cool as your skeleton crew though!

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