Thursday, March 19, 2009

BURIED TREASURE: Retro Flower Ideas

Today's Buried Treasure Ideas are just in time for Spring! I am truly fond of girly flowery vintage finds. Here are a couple finds that I picked up over the weekend, I found this filigree flower pendant that has lovely pale colors, it can be used as a center piece for a bracelet or even a necklace. I also fell in love with this gigantic 3D pear pendant, it has a hook in the back for hanging from a chain.

I D E A S   T O   M A K E   S O M E T H I N G   N E W:

~ COMBINE SIMILAR COLORS: Try combining similar colors to match modern with vintage finds. I love these pink tiny tulips seen above from MK Supplies, they would look great with the silver filigree flower pendant above; possibly swooping on a chain that leads down to the pendant. The shape is truly retro and adds a nice feminine touch. If you are into a more simple style, you can even add a vintage bead in the middle and make earrings, like I've done in my Tinkerbell earrings. Or how about the cute Green and Gold Vintage Style Leaf Beads seen above from Snap Crafty; these are perfect to top off a fruity creation; for example these Delicious Appletini earrings from my shop. 

~ ENAMEL FLOWERS: I truly love this Pink and Yellow Enamel Necklace by Raquel Castillo Designs. It is a beautiful combination of vintage retro with simple touches accented here and there. There is a nice combination of pearls with simple pink beads mixed with the enamel flowers and even a brass filigree piece for the backing. Sometimes enamel flowers are hard to find and can be a little pricey but they are truly stunning when used in a cluster like in this necklace. 

~ ODDS & ENDS: I must say, we all come across little things here and there that we save for a raining day; you never know when you just might decide to use it. That is what I love about this Canary Vintage Beaded Bracelet by The Pink Dragonfly. The bracelet combines bright simple yellow beads matched perfectly with an upcycled Japanese barrette. The tiny flowers are just so darn cute and are kissed with pale colored beads; they are a nice accent to the bright yellow beads.

I hope you've enjoyed these ideas on combining bright retro finds with simple touches. Stay tuned for more Buried Treasure Ideas when I talk about the ever most popular Honey Bee Adornments!

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