Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Buried Treasure Ideas: TIDY UP!

The task of organizing always takes me much longer than expected, but for some reason I love sorting through my finds over the years! But where do you put it all? I have numerous plastic organizers, filled with all kinds of mixtures from beads, chains, ribbon and pendants, but they never all seem to fit in one place. On my travels, I'm always looking for the next best thing for my ever growing collection. Jewelry cases can be a little expensive, but using vintage finds can add some whimsy to your little studio space, I like to find things around the home or at flea markets too. Here are some cute and helpful ways to tidy up!

O N  T H E  G O:
~ 1) For the gal who loves to bring along her crafts, especially hanging with the guys on game night or to meet up with other crafters, these Pink Vintage Style Suitcases from Nana Company are just the thing, whether your bringing knitting or jewelry supplies, you have a size for any occasion and did I mention they are super cute with a rockabilly personality.

~ 2) One of my favorite travel buddies is this small Plano Magnum tackle box, this is the perfect size for head/eye pins and the bottom side opens for more hidden storage. This past weekend I picked up this Plano Soft Tackle Bag, it holds four large organizers and has pockets, perfect for pliers and things. You might even already one around the house, just ask ole pops or your hubby.

T I D Y    U P:
~ 3) So we have traveling down, but what about at home? Storage so helpful around the studio, especially when you have a lot of everything, many storage boxes can be very boring, how about a little bit of retro flare with this Vintage Ransburg Canister Set from Blue Kitty Co. This trio is perfect for pencils or ribbon. I am a big fan of using vintage tins and even chocolate boxes. Other swell ideas are baby food jar or antique masons jars.

~ 4) These peachy keen Set of Three Plastic Trays from Cut From the Same Cloth, are quite universal for any crafter. I can already see tiny beads, thread and even baby buttons all lined up in a row. These trays are truly charming and can add lovely color to any room.

How do you tidy up?
From up-cycling to mess free, there are truly so many ways to organize your personal space, we'd love to read how you do it!


Together We Save said...

You have some great ideas.

The Caravan said...

I love the little suitcases! Yes, the Alice art will go on charms and necklaces :) Oh and I have a new blog too : http://orangejuicegypsy.blogspot.com

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Organisation is pretty important on my desk, being that I don't have much space (my studio is the corner of my bedooom). I keep all my fabrics in a big stack of vintage suitcases with old luggage tags on them stating what's in each one. On the desk is old vintage tins, chocolate boxes, mason jars and pin trays for little things. I just won a Regency era writing box on eBay that now stores my sock yarns. My favourite storage though is an old college trophy- it has all my pens!

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