Thursday, April 16, 2009

SNEAK PEEKS! 5 New Pieces Coming Soon

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's week is going well, as always I am behind on getting new listings up in my shop, however I was able to make some new pieces Monday night. Here are some sneak peeks that will probably be arriving tomorrow throughout the weekend at Red Heart 13. Please let me know if you see something you love and would like to reserve it!

Left to right:
~ Killer Queen Necklace, $46: Made from a vintage royal Maltese Cross pendant, vintage chandelier crystals, red faceted glass drop and thick gold plated chain

~ Strawberry Kisses Earrings, $19: blown glass hollow beads, sterling silver rose connectors, sterling silver lever backs, vintage floral bead cap

~ Blackened Honeycombs Earrings, $15.25: vintage plastic yellow drops and gold plated black and gold honeycomb french ear hooks

~ Coral Venom Necklace, $27.50: vintage rhinestone spider brooch transformed into a pendant matched with gold plated chain and coral spun beads.

~ This Is Your Life Necklace, $32.00: fabric flowers matched with a vintage sugar bead, two strands of gold plated chain, vintage Victorian style hand pendant and book locket that opens.



The Caravan said...

I love it! The spider is so unique!

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

That spider is amazing. And I'm not afraid of it! Bonus x

Moondoonie said...

The spider is really cool!

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