Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Art of Treasure Hunting!

~ Vintage enamel locket with hand painted flowers. ~ Tiffany blue enamel rhinestone brooch and script rhinestone L pendant.

I always look forward to my Saturday adventures at the flea market, my side kick Alison (from Spool) and I make our way through the crowded hillbilly dirt grounds, we are like gunslingers on a mission to find the loot. Saturday was a pretty good day, mind you I got a horrible sun burn and had to change of shoes due to the fact I was getting blisters; a little pain goes a long way when in search of buried treasure. 

The usual sellers were there, awaiting the rival street scavengers. I have a couple favs among the gang. Mike is a mix between Bobby Brown and slick salesman, a true pack rat ready for wheeling and dealing. You got the Antiques and Such lady, that doll is there every week with her husband, he sells knives and she sells vintage jewelry from the past, I managed to snag an amazing array of retro finds from the box she pulled out from her car; yes, a secret stash! Then you have the van man, we looked around and there he was with his shirt off and some hot '80s sun glasses; a black tooth grin is so welcoming. My fav character is this old man who just has the best odd & ends, I got a taxidermy raccoon's tail, three brass decanter tags, a baby doll booty and a killer toy gun and badge. I'm going to be working up a Bonnie & Cylde piece soon, bang bang!

It's just the best times down at the ol' flea market, got to love the stories too. Soon enough you will be seeing new relics and jewelry pieces popping up at Red Heart 13. I can't wait to use those decanters tags, I will be creating a new design inspired by the ever poplar Floral Nightcap necklace, stay tuned!

~ Encrusted pearl Faberge egg. ~ Vintage strand of hot red beads and a tiny strawberry pendant, you can find this juicy fruit on my Strawberry Fields Necklace. ~ Two vintage cosmetic Max Factor tubes for eye pencil refills, these will be perfect for miniature relics.

~ Antique skeleton key with original frayed ribbon; spooky! ~ Vintage royal crest badge with black and cream cabs. ~ Worn doll booty and delicate fabric flowers that surround an antique Pennsylvania Rail Road photograph of a baby boy.



Little Brown Sparrow said...

Ooh lucky! I love the old key, that little fragment of ribbon is the perfect part of it (please tell me you won't throw that away).

There's a flea market over this way on Sunday -finally!! They're pretty rare around here, I'm so looking forward to going.

LENORENEVERMORE said... that egg shape pearls! Loveliness!!

Lost in the Forest said...

Great finds!
I love sellers secret stashes...they all have one - the best bits are always in the boot of the car/back of the van!

Judy said...

Oh my you have equisite taste - I want that shoe - its awesome!

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

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