Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dearest Vacation Gods

If you are listening please make the rain stop, please make the pain stop from this horrible UTI. Why must I keep running to the bathroom? My week has been good until now. Monday was awesome hung out on the beach for hours but water was very cold, I just put my feet in. Tuesday was swell, made some jewelry and then later went to this Hawaiian bar for dinner, had these amazing wings with Sesame sauce and drunk the night away. Wednesday was ok though not sunny enough to go to the beach, so we went to the outlets. Bruce got some shades and shorts from the Dickies store, I got these rad slip on leather Converse shoes and a top from Old Navy, all was good up to this point, but then I felt the pain down below and had to run out to Rite Aid to get pills that make your pee turn orange. I was ok, not too bad yet, we all went into Rehobeth and had all you can eat crabs, I ate til I was full, so good, but after like 15 ugh. We walked around but when we got home I was stuck to the toilet man, worst pain ever, I would take my monthly friend over that pain. So I couldn't get to sleep and decided to take a hot bath, which was the best idea ever, though I almost fell asleep twice but it helped so much, I finally got to sleep about 1am. I'm feeling alot better this morning but hope I don't run out of medicine, it is pouring out and Bruce is leaving to drive back up to Wilmington to go to school tonight. I may just sleep all day...So if you are listening Vacation Gods, please help!

Sincerely and painfully yours,


Evil Lily said...

Sometimes I think I would handle a migraine better than a UTI. I feel for you hun.

Blood Milk said...

ooooooooooooo darling!!!!

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