Thursday, June 25, 2009

English Relics

Have you ever wanted to adorn your body with a piece of history; wondering what events it might have been in or what scents accompanied it in the past?

English Relics fuses modern design with genuine artifacts from the Roman through Victorian eras, you will find handcrafted one of a kind relics caressed with modern fashion pieces.

I stumbled upon this dynamic shop the other day and fell in love. English Relics are run by three friends, Angela Thompson, Angela Traill and Peter Leathers. While the two Angela's run the marketing team, fashion designer Peter Leathers designs and handcrafts each piece. He combines modern contemporary with actual Roman, Viking, Medieval and Tudor artifacts into exceptional belts, cuffs and necklaces. 

Check our their website too!

Top Left: Genuine Medieval girdle ring hand-stitched necklace, just a stunning sculptural necklace.

~ Genuine 19th Century Buckle Snakeskin Cuff, made with an 18th century bronze shoe or hat buckle found in England and fused with 1930s recycled snakeskin.

~ Original 17th/18th Century Bronze Mount and Buckle Belt: an be worn as a striking belt of even corset.

~ Fascinating Original Antique Tudor Bronze Mount on Suede Belt from the 15th-16th century.



Natasha said...

These beauties are AMAZING! That medieval cross... I believe I'll be dreaming of fondling it in my sleep! Thank you for introducing me to another marvelous company! Love your shop, you talented woman -- I'm brand new to the etsy world and thought I'd introduce myself. Feel free to stop by and say hello! You may enjoy my newest blog entry as you appear to enjoy the horror genre. Have a marvelous day, Dearest!

Warm Wishes,


angela said...

Thanks so much for featuring my shop. It's so exciting when someone loves our work! I am new to the world of blogs so this is all an adventure...
Best wishes

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