Thursday, June 11, 2009

NEWS ARRIVALS: Odd & Forgotten

Hello everyone, a splendid week here at RHC, I have two official days before my vacation, I am so excited just to get away finally. Next week I will be wasting away at the beach with my husband and hopefully will be able to clear my head. I will be leaving the shop open and will have internet access, but won't be doing any shipping until I return June 22nd.

On a more lovelier note, six new pieces have arrived this week at Red Heart 13 and am offering FREE SHIPPING on all jewelry for the annual Yart Sale on etsy, which ends June 14th. I hope to see you stop by!

~ 1) An elegant Fabregé Romance to adorn your neck, it reminds me of one of the 105 jeweled eggs made by Peter Carl Fabregé between 1885 and 1917, of which only 69 are known to survive. The large egg pendant is kissed with cream pearls and is matched with a golden rose pendant.

~ 2) After a long day sitting on the throne, the queen always takes out her Royal Nightcap for a midnight drink of Brandy. This darling revamped liquor tag is a perfect nostalgic delight for any evening out on the town.

***If you are interested I also have an identical liquor tag that can be switched to read Gin/Vodka, what ever suits your tastes buds!

~ 3) When I was creating this Catholic School Years necklace, it reminded me of my years during catholic school, some were sour memories of mean girls but mostly memories about theology, and it wasn't until my 20's did I realize how much I appreciated my experience. This necklace features a religous medal from 1909, wooden rosary beads on a brass chain.

~ 4) This dark Midnight Express ensemble reminds me of a mourning soul traveling back in time to change their fate. It is truly the blackest of the black, I can image it being worn on pale skin.


Together We Save said...

Have a wonderful vacation. I am jealous. My daughter got a car this summer so vacation for me.

Gina @ A bit of whimsy! said...

Enjoy our vacation! Your jewelry is amazingly stunning. Thanks for visiting!

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