Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Slaughtered Lamb Pub NYC

"In ancient times when werewolves roamed the land there was an old pub called The Slaughtered Lamb"

I'm here visiting my old stomping grounds in NYC and am staying with my best friend Mark, we go way back all the way from art school. We got in last night and hit up K(Korean) Town and had some great food and then shot down to Greenwich Village to drink.

I had my first experience at this pub called The Slaughtered Lamb on 4th and 6th Ave., it has the essence of a hole in the wall pub and wild bar maids, who spank guys with their belts when they loose in a drinking contest (ask for Izzy). The Slaughtered Lamb has become well known from the movie "An American Werewolf in London" where two NYU students are attacked outside the pub, during the English leg of the European tour. Inside features old brick, dark wood paneling and statues and paintings of werewolves. Mind you I wanted to steal everything, including the shackles in the down stairs Dungeon.

The original Slaughtered Lamb was a pub in a small town just north of London, cursed with the bloodline of the Werewolf. The inhabitants of East Proctor would sacrifice a lamb of their flock and smear the blood over the doors as part of a ritual to ward off the evil spirit of the Werewolf. A pentacle was also erected as a sign of respect so that the Werewolf would not trespass on the property of the bearer. These rituals have been practiced at the local town tavern and it became standard for many local people.

I see a badass moon rising!!!! har har har, heheheh, do stop by if your in the area.


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