Saturday, September 5, 2009

Harvest Witch, Sneak Peek

Today I have been very productive, this morning I took a trip up to Kennett Square for a couple of hours while I visited my pop's dear friend Muffy. She rummaged through my jewelry and bought two necklaces and two pairs of earrings as gifts and one for herself. I sat and drank coffee with her and we discussed such topics as the filthy autobiography of Hilary Clinton and the Delaware riots of the 1960s. She also showed me all her wonderful art pieces, including an oil painting of Lake Como, Italy. It was a lovely time, I must say.

After I got home I rested for a while and ever since, I've been painting current and new paintings from my Skeleton Krew Collection. I've finished Master Gorey and Wife Lenor, shall have pictures of the fine couple next week. Featured below, is a 2nd painting I've have started, in which I call Harvest Witch. This lovely portrait along with many other gifts, was given to me by my lovely friend Jess from Bloodmilk. She features big black hair, tree twigs, and feathered eyes. An odd long face, she reminds me of Cruella Deville and her body is currently all jet black, but I am going to give her a little bone cameo right at her collar. I've also started a 3rd painting of a little girl in a plaid dress. She features mourning lace around her hair and tiny black gloves. Below is a quick shot of Harvest Witch taken with my computer, stay tuned for more pictures this week.

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