Thursday, October 29, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS for every season!

Over the past week, many new arrivals have been popping up, there are 9 new pairs of earrings and 5 new necklaces, everything from sweet and fruity to dark and romantic. One of my favorite pieces this week is the Hand of Doom necklace, which mixes mystery and tragedy. What is your favorite piece this week?

~ 1) Hand of Doom Necklace: the popular ladies hand of the Victorian era, is featured in a black shining coating with a glass red teardrop.

~ 2) Once Bitten Fang Earrings: a perfect set of brass fangs featuring hand painted blood and gore. The earrings can be available without the paint as well.

~ 3) Cotton Candy Queen Necklace: a splendid mix of shabby chic pink and a badass iron cross strung on a silver rope chain.

~ 4) Bat Sunday Necklace: put on your Sunday's best with a creature feature, perfect to gloom up any dark ensemble.

~ 5) Sweet Sparkling Raspberry Earrings: juicy beaded earrings touched with hot pink and topped with scalloped bead caps.

~ 6) Pretty Tied Up Bow Earrings: be pretty tied up in these gorgeous metal bows and glass gray beads, ready for any special event or just on the go!

~ 7) Bow and Berry Earrings: a darling match of red and black; sassy and tied with a bow!

~ 8) Harvest Rose Earrings: a fall romance between darkened golden caramel roses and blackened hooks in oxidized sterling silver.

Only a couple more days for FREE SHIPPING!

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