Thursday, December 10, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…

I can't believe it is the end of the year already and gosh do I want so many things I cannot have, well, shouldn't buy is the right answer, ha. One day perhaps after the holidays. I'm hoping to make a treasury this afternoon, showcasing some these curious beauties.

~ SECOND EDITION - What are you afraid of Sculpture: I personally love this piece because for one it reminds me of my childhood, yet the mask is a shield to what fears and worries I never knew now that I am an adult. I love how innocence has met it's companion of darkness and fear; such radiance.

~ A Life Entwined Print 2: This photography by Light Leaks is quite mysterious, it is almost as if the lady is lost and has been drawn into the forrest by the trees whispering in her ear. I'm in love with this shop, much of the photography from is truly haunting and often very conceptual with settings that tell a story.

~ Victoire Knotted Copper Muti-chain Necklace: There is something so elegant and refined about White Owl, many of the pieces from this shop are like pieces of art to adore your neck or ears. I just adore the use of materials and stunning presentation.

~ Black and Bronze Metallic Evening Purse/Clutch: I'm always a fan of black, but I love this whimsical pattern design, sort of reminds me of the infinity of the universe. This bag is totally sheek and universal from party to wedding.

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Blood Milk said...

oh yes darla is a sweet sweet lady and this bunny mask piece is exquisite in person.

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