Thursday, October 21, 2010

I HEART ~ Spool Design

Peaking into vintage hidden treasures sweeps you a flutter making you smile; the jewelry created by
Spool Design does just that and more. With a touch of magic and surprise inside each one of her new lockets, each is a world all of its own. Tiny pieces all woven together bring enchantment and even a sprinkle of darkness like in her Remains II Necklace, from which a vintage watch case is the final resting place for a tiny handmade bone.

Gatherings of moss, dainty pearls and whimsical wordings are just the beginning to each breathtaking creation. Each piece is none like the next, making an owned piece much more special!

~ Sail away in a nautical dream with this secret Out to Sea Locket, featuring a ship and soaring bird surrounded by the most darling petite pearls.

~ For all bird watchers, this Feathered Fellow's Flight necklace is sure to bring nature home, adorn the neckline with this soaring genuine brown leather bird.

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