Thursday, December 2, 2010

TEA TIME for the collectors.

Photo by Acido celebrates my obsession with rabbits!

Visiting antique stores and flea markets I always see vintage plates, saucers and tea cups; many in which just get left on the shelf. I've always wanted to showcase my haunted Skeleton Krew paintings on such flowering designs I think it would be a lovely odd combination; something I'm adding to my to do list of experiments for 2011! I've been collecting vintage pieces for sometime now and have just added some new pieces to my radar! Check out these amazing pieces of art and jewelry for all who love tea parties!

~ The Seven Deadly Sins have looked this lovely in years! Check out Trixie Delicious for a whole plateful of art.

~ A new twist on your grandmother's teacups. These Bone China Teacup Bracelet's by Stay Gold Mary Rose are super sassy, you can even turn your favorite teacup into a custom bracelet.

~ For sweet cupcakes and scones how about this darling saucer featuring the most adorable shy bunny, check out all her friends from The Story Book Bunny.

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Anonymous said...

What a stunning blog. Thank you so much for including my bracelets. x

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