Monday, July 11, 2011

Paper Cuts

I remember when I was little, it was the first time I had been to Disney World, as one of the souvenirs my brother and I both got Victorian inspired silhouettes hand-cut with precise edges, they hung in tiny frames on the walls of my childhood home for years.

This timeless art form is very much still alive! A recent discovery is artist Olly Moss, who worked many months for her exhibition "Cut Out Show" at Gallery 1988, where the walls exploded with paper-cut silhouettes of pop-culture icons. I'd especially love to collage my walls with many of these, as an nod to my childhood, teen years and love for movies.

See if you can figure out these and most on her blog!



Basht said...

wow! Philip J Fry! Love!

Amanda ~ Blue LaReve said...

This has got to be the greatest collection of silhouettes I've ever seen! Love it!

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