Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Early Fall Jewelry Arrivals

I can't believe it is almost fall, as I get older the time just seems to slip by like sand in the wind. There is no going back, though the skin gets rougher my bones keep bending along with the rhythm of things. Things have been picking up in the studio with painting and jewelry making; my hands are never at rest which is a good thing. I recently took a visit to the Renaissance Faire in Maheim PA where I picked up some raw Amethyst crystals which I soon want to dabble in wrapping and soldering.

My hands have been busy with creating new pieces for fall, I'm proud to say I have about new 25 pieces coming to Red Heart 13. Here are some new pieces that are currently in my Etsy shop.
Aries Ram Sacrifice Turn of the Century Brass Stamping Necklace: this turn of the century brass drawer pull has been transformed into a necklace. Inspired by ancient mythology, it is said that in Scandinavia, Thor was close with the ram, and was fabled that rams would pull his chariot. 

 Constellation Star Shield Necklace: six bright stars line the night sky as in this necklace as a centerpiece over the heart.

 Seamstress Sweet Heart Cotton Candy Vintage Spool Necklace: vintage pink and teal wooden spools are strung along a vintage velvet pink ribbon. A treat for any gal who loves to sew.

 Adorable Fawn & Woodland Fable Pewter Necklace: this pewter pendant strung with silver beads tells a tale of a small squirrel offering a snack to his friend the fawn.

 Scales of Justice Equality Vintage Necklace: a symbol of fairness and justice, the scales of borrow from ancient times and in many cultures truly represent unbiased equality. Stand proud in this necklace for all equality in our modern times.

Water Goddess Perfume Vial Necklace: a jewel dedicated to the water nymph, she is a goddess and divine spirit that dwells by rivers and springs. Here she is set in gold with her water basin on this vintage perfume bottle that hangs from vintage calming blue glass beads that resemble water.

Stay tuned for more pieces arriving in August. Something special coming to Red Heart 13 in September are a few pieces from here my limited edition Adornment Relic Collection. Featured below is the "Death Runs Through My Veins" relic made of spun fabric, wax and paper inside an antique glass apothecary bottle.


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