Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Yule and the Welcoming of the Winter Solstice

Welcoming the season of Yule and preparing for the winter solstice I'd thought I'd share some of my symbolic decorations and meanings behind them.

Many sacred plants are spread around the house both inside and out, including evergreens, in which life is forever present. Evergreens are thought to have power over death and to defeat winter demons such as depression. Evergreen magic: the color of rebirth and renewal include pines, fir, juniper to offer protection. Prickliness of holly leaves are said to ward off evil spirits with Berries for the Holly King. Apples as an offering. Red bows to invite prosperity and good fortune. Pinecones representing the God. 

A celebration of light and fire with candles in white for hope of new light. Pale pinks and whites of the magnolia, to bring love, peace and harmony, along side gold candles for the Sun King. Solar symbols to lure the sun back to earth, for rebirth and return of warmth. White antlers for Herne, Lord of the Trees and protector of the forest, in his form of The White Stag, but also represents Cernunnos, the Celtic god of fertility, animals, life and the underworld. Two goats for Thor, who pulled his chariot. Gaia, the Mother Earth Goddess rests above green pines sprinkled with winter white snow and a dedicated green candle. I've also decorated Dionysus, who is always present in my home, with holly, berries and candles – he is especially deeply rooted during this time of year with the festivities of joy, gluttony and cheer. What are some of your decorations?

Addition to original post: I came out this morning to leave for work, as I usually do. I had noticed two of three apples I had put in my basket we're gone, I set them out as an offering to the Gods for honor and a way to show respect. Now I do suspect animals got to them, which to me is special in itself as provided a meal to an animal who is living on the land. Those two apples will provide nourishment, where it is not certain life will remain in the upcoming harsh winter months. Also, to me this moment filled my heart, but I had shared this with a co-worker who had laughed it, and it really hurt actually, for my beliefs are sacred to me – I would never be the one to make fun of another's beliefs. "What ye send out, comes back to thee."


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