Friday, December 5, 2008

Perfect Universe!!!

"Our heavenly realm beyond earth is filled with a universe made of  the sun, moon and stars. The divine Starry Skies holds the essence of the unknown, it holds heavenly bodies which are perfect things. We sit up glazing into every night while acting out in an imperfect world we call home. My being is imperfect, I hope to walk in dimensions I cannot see. For now, I caress the coming twilight painted black."

You can be reminded of the beauty of the universe with these Starry Skies vintage inspired earrings; and be sure to stop by today, December 5th for our discount of 25% off off earrings only at Red Heart 13.

1 comment

Blood Milk said...

these are really lovely. I've been overly obsessed with making earrings lately.....

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