Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spool, Spool, Spool!

You all might of hear of miss Alison from the silly stories I may have told about work. Well Alison is truly my side kick and also is addicted to etsy. In fact, she has a very shop of her own called Spool.

Originally, her shop was going to support her new creative endeaver (back in '07) of sewing. Hence the name, Spool. Unfortunately, Alison hadn't sewn since Home Ec back in the day, but for some reason her mind told her that she could just jump right back into it & know what she was doing. Next thing she knew, the needle was jammed (and bent) and Alison had to put that bad boy away to start up an assemblage piece. And a collage, and soon after, beautiful jewelry.

Alison recently has revamped her shop, spending many weekends and even work hours sprucing it up for the upcoming spring. So let us take a look her triumphs:


~ 1) This Delicate Bouquet necklace features tulips, rhinestones, daises and lot of other delights!

~ 2) A truly rare species are these Fruit of the Divine earrings, which bloom once every sixty-five years in early Spring.

~ 3) The Incarceration of Grace, is a horrible story but a beautiful necklace. She was caught red-feathered trying to lay a couple of plastic eggs at John Bender's farm!

~ 4) These Budding Lilies are truly cute, they are like having a garden of your own. 


~ 5) She Sell Seashells by the Sheeshore necklace is truly an inspiration of Cyndi Lauper and Alison's love of bird's nests.

~ 6) A sad song the lovely Gweneviere sings; a song of everlasting devotion to a sailor, away for many months at a time.

~ 7) This Eternally Devoted Locket is a perfect gift for the one you love!

~ 8) With this key you hold the Rites to the Secret Garden: Beautiful Eden, the smell of a thousand roses, mixed with honeysuckle, lilies and every delight a nose could ever experience.

And here is first hand scoop on a special promotion starting this Friday until Saturday the 14th, if you stop by Spool you will get FREE SHIPPING on all jewelry. Let's show some love to one of my favorite shops; oh and she has a blog to called: Bird's Eye View!

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