Friday, March 20, 2009


~ when the birds are fluttering outside my window. 

~ because my cat, Randall Flag has a new girlfriend;  I caught him starring at her through the curtains.

~ when the time changes, and I can drive with my windows down and sing along with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

~ when you can get free water ice, from Ritas! YUM.

~ when the hillbilly  neighbors hang outside on the porch.

~ when I can bust out the slip on shoes with no socks, yes! High Five.

I hope everyone has a beautiful first day of Spring!

J U S T   I N   T I M E   F O R    S P R I N G   O R   S U M M E R:
~ This Lemon Chiffon vintage beaded necklace is back for the 2nd time in my shop. It has a beautiful arrangement that will suit the sweet side of you; made from vintage lucite beads, brass bead caps with a patina finish and a pale yellow lucite rose pendant with encrusted rhinestone. This ravishing necklace is just waiting to be hand-picked by you!

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