Wednesday, March 25, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Fresh Picked Just For You

Here are four new arrivals that were hand picked just for you! On the outside I may dress in all black and love horror movies, but on the inside I'm all gushy and girly; I always fall for pink and anything with adorable flowers, so with silly giggles and being pretty in pink I present four new arrivals from Red Heart 13.

~ 1) My beloved grandmother Sarah Elizabeth taught me that in order for the most fullest roses to bloom you must give them Eternal Affection. This rose leaf pendant is matched with white pearls and a tiny sparrow in flight; a truly elegant ensemble.

~ 2) Fabric Majestic Crocus: delightful lavenders matched with the vintage appeal of brass filigree makes a perfect combination for true romance.

~ 3) Hooray hoorah, sis boom bah! These Blush Pompon drops make me smile, made with vintage baby pink and gold beads that are matched with a delicate floral rhondelle. Wouldn't these be perfect with a sexy heels and pencil skirt?

~ 4) I absolutely fell in love with this unbelievable enamel flower pendant shaped in a heart. I traded this beauty for one of my Skeleton Krew™ paintings a while back and call it For You My Love; def a lovely gift for a friend or a true sign of appreciation for Mother's Day.

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