Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meet GUS!

Hello everyone, pleasant days and pleasant nights. I'm back from vacation and have a new friend I'd like you to meet. This is Gus, he is a Dutch Blue Love Bird. He is so cute and reminds me of an old man with white bird, and he is so clumsy too. Him and Jagger are getting along just fine and the first day Jagger even came over and was grooming him; so sweet. I will have to get a picture of them together one day, they are buddies now, but Niki will surely be remembered. 

Randal Flag my cat, really missed the birds while they were at my dad's while on vacation. I would see him moping around and laying next to where the cage was, but he is back to his old tricks. I catch him jumping on the cage and I have to squirt him with water, so then he lays at the bottom making these soft talking noises like he is crying. Oh Flag! It all sweet and giggles around the Marvel household again.


Jessica said...

Aw aw aw! I used to have a Dutch Blue named Sullivan. Sadly he died...it's a long sad story. So I get a little misty when I see happy squawky lovebirds. I miss him so! Congrats on the new addition!

Evil Lily said...

Hello Gus!

He surely has a wonderful home now!

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired Art Studio said...

Good Morning Leila!
The whole lot was a flavorful variety.
Delightful post with some very interesting introductions...
Thanks for sharing!