Tuesday, September 15, 2009

House Hunting Adventures: Part 3

What a nightmare! Oh pooy, so here is the latest on our search for our first home. Remember the house we loved, well we put an offer on the house back on September 4th, we went in low but were hoping they would counter, so we wait in excitement over the Labor Day weekend through the following week. Apparently their realtor doesn't work on the weekends, wtf, I thought real estate never sleeps. So Friday, the 11th came, we finally heard back a week later, that there was a counter offer, but didn't know the number. At this point, it had already taken too long and had talked to our realtor who had talked to theirs. We found out there were two owners of the house, so they were waiting for both of their decisions I guess, these people are crazy! We made a decision if we didn't hear back by the 16th, we were going to with draw our offer. So come yesterday, I got a horrible call from my realtor that the family is taking the house OFF the MARKET! 

Can you believe the nerve of these people?!!!! I don't understand why people can be so inconsiderate of other people's time. We wasted a whole week and a half on this house, when we could of been looking at other houses, houses go fast in the market now and days, and since we need to close by November 31st to get the tax stimulus money, we are on a very tight schedule. JERKS!

Tomorrow night, we are going to go look at houses again, back to the drawing board! ugh…

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Blood Milk said...

you will find a most amazing house to store all your treasures!