Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NEW ARRIVALS: Beauty & Black

HELLO EVERYONE! I'm still in the works of unpacking and getting organized, I'm still in the process of painting my studio pale pink, hopefully it will be done by the end of this week and I'm also hoping I will have more new arrivals come next week, I many new vintage pieces to share with you all. In the meantime, please check out some new arrivals from last week, hopefully soon I will have some pics of the new studio in process.

~ 1) Van Helsing Talisman iii: A silver bullet pendant is a legend in itself, telling the tale of doctor Van Helsing in his slaying adventures with monsters. Silver pewter bullet is matched with a vintage rhinestone crown.

~ 2) The White Rabbit Necklace: Be reminded of the childhood fables you fell in love with with this white enamel albino bunny pendant.

~ 3) Eternal Shield Earrings: A knight in battle, knowing he will either concur the damned or be blessed for eternity. Vintage copper shield hang in solitude from think copper chain.

~ 4) The Mystery Necklace: Once a hidden treasure in the ground, this lace metal pendant now has a new life and hangs with chain and black glass beads.

~ 5) Dogwood Morning Earrings: Both romantic and feminine, these earrings bring nature to your little lobes and would make a perfect gift for the special someone.

~ 6) Blackberry Earrings: A delicious hint of mystery; textured round beads radiate a sheen of color wile adding sweetness to your day.

~ 7) Blackest Night Lantern Earrings: Rustic black beads matched with black chain tell a tale of a lonely soul longing for eternity.

~ 8) Lemon Chiffon Earrings: A beautiful arrangement to suit the sweet side of you; all made with vintage!

EXTRA NEW ARRIVALS ~ New pieces that are not featured above!

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