Monday, March 7, 2011

March Medical Madness - I HEART

It is that time of year, the time for the glorious look into anatomy, this March is the 5th annual celebration of March Medical Madness. I would like to start things off with some curious finds that reflect my interest with the human body.

~ Conjoined Teeth Ring: quite a odd and lovely combination between relics of the body and hand crafted metal-smithing, I love the fact that the teeth have all been donated. Maybe one day I will find my baby teeth and get it memorialized into a ring or necklace. This particular ring fascinated me because I often have dreams where my teeth fall out.

~ An anatomically correct Heart in a Jar, I must acquire this for my doll-house to go along with my box of bones, it is quite magically that it floats in the center with such ease; a perfect adornment for a lover.

~ A Chalkboard Skull comes in jet black is ready for doodles and quick ideas that are on the brain. "She" comes life size too!

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